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IT Governance and Service Management

Is your IT infrastructure contributing to the overall success of your business?

Is your IT infrastructure fit for purpose, stable and reliable?

Do you have it under control?

Are you thinking ahead and getting the best value you can out of your IT infrastructure, or waiting for things to happen and suffering the consequences?

Jim’s Computer Services Franchisees have many years experience in delivering and maintaining IT environments. This includes experience in the set up and running of IT Governance Structures and IT Service Management processes to ensure you have control over your IT environment and are getting the best value out of it for the success of your business.

Ask Jim’s Computer Services to provide an ITIL Expert qualified professional to do a high level assessment of your business and provide a report on how you can better ensure your IT environment is contributing to the overall success of your business. Ask them to help guide you through your improvement programme, improving the speed and value you get out of such initiatives.

Make your IT work for you.